Donations to the Synagogue

 As a religious reference point both for the first Jews rescued in Europe from the Nazi barbary, and for the brave Jewish soldiers that fought in Italy a bloody war to overturn a ruthless enemy, the original synagogue -which the present Beth Shlomo Temple is the heir of- witnessed two parallel struggles in defense of Judaism: that of the Jews prisoners of the concentration camps, striving to survive in order to make the Jewish people continue, and that of the Jew who had the possibility to act on the battlefields to accomplish as well our bimillenary dream.

Today, the spirit which animates the Temple is still the same as before.

The Rabbies, the Congregation and all the friends helping to deploy a multifaceted spectrum of religious and cultural activities are still fighting on a frontline only apparently different: that of the promotion of Jewish awareness, pride and spiritual values- in a world that often lures the Jew to drift away or to have a milder identification with our lofty traditions.

The activities of the Temple are almost completely funded by donations and offerings of the Congregation's members and of our cherished guests, whose contribution (small as it may be) to the life of this unique remaining of an intense and crucial period in the story of 'Am Yisrael will be gratefully and warmly acknowledged.

An offering can be handled directly to the Rabbies or to the Congegation's officials when visiting the Temple (if not forbidden by halachic requirements, e.g. on Shabbat) or can be even more conveniently routed to the Temple's bank account. The
introduction of IBAN codes has made extremely easy to transfer money also from any of the EU countries, including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and all the other European countries accepting the SEPA ( Single European Payment Area ), being
sufficient to quote:

In favour of: Beth Shlomo
IBAN: IT67H0335901600100000015275

For all the other countries, including USA, Israel, Canada, The following informmation must be quoted :

In favour of Beth Shlomo

Banca Intesa Prossima


A written expression of gratitude is routinely addressed to our friends whenever possible, so we ask them to include -if they wish so- their address and their email. For larger donations, if needed for tax deduction purposes, an official receipt of the Temple can also be provided.

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