The Temple
The Temple


The Beth Shlomo is a Jewish congregation and is one of the most central synagogue in Milan, being located in the real heart of the city, the impressive and worldwide-renowned Porta Romana, and the Bocconi university distirct


Even in a scenographic context apparently devoted to elegance, beauty and mundane values, the Temple offers a safe haven to every Jew seeking to renew or to establish a contact with the eternal teachings of the Jewish faith, and is animated by an observant and cosy community, always happy to give a warm welcome to the foreigners wishing to observe Shabbat and other festivals with us.


The religious services at Beth Shlomo are under the responsibility of Rav Shmuel Rodal haCohen, coadiuvated by Rav Moshe Shaikevitz


The Temple adopts, in most circumstances, the Askenazic Sefarad nusach, which is closely matched by the "Tehillat haShem" (AriZal) Siddur and -with slight additional variations- by the "Artscroll Sefarad" Siddur. Both types of these prayer books, with English translation, are available in numbers for the members of the congregations and for our beloved visitors.


For people familiar with other nusachim, or for non-Italian or non-English speakers, the Temple's library has many other prayers books than can be provided on request and cover most of the possible choices and traditions. Anyway, our guests unaware of the preferred nusach can always rely, during the main services, on the presence of some member of the congregation that will be glad to assist them (in English, and often also in Hebrew or French) in following the right sequence of the communal prayers, if needed.


Beside davening, the Temple promotes many important Jewish cultural projects (cycles of lessons on Parshat haShavua, halachic matters etc.)  and highly appreciated social events, contributing to maintain an intense and lively Jewish atmosphere in the community of Milan.

BETH SHLOMO - CITY CENTER SYNAGOGUE - Cod. Fiscale: 97145630154